Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have not posted in quite a while, and there has been a lot going on. The local and national political scene has been abuzz with activity. I think in some way, shape or form, I have met every Howard County or Maryland candidate running for....anything. I wanted to write about everything that I have encountered, but either time or opportunity would not allow it.

But the tragedy on yesterday jolted me out of my bloggers malaise. I wanted to post this before the whole event begins to become political, and the cries to do something about gun control and mental health issues start to fill the airwaves. Basically the senseless shooting at the Washington Navy Yard was an inside job. Someone posing as one of "our own" launched an attack on innocents....waiting to pay for their breakfast. Innocent people who left home on yesterday morning...never to return. Just because someone had a vendetta against the government.....or was just having a really bad day.

It seems that these sort of senseless acts have become almost commonplace in our society. It has been a few months since the Sanday Hook tragedy, so I am sure people have been wondering, what is going to happen next? Well it happened on yesterday. Thirteen innocent souls were taken from us. Thirteen families have  to grieve and plan unexpected funerals. Thirteen futures have been tragically snuffed out.

When will it stop? Even Dr.Janis Orlowski chief medical officer from Washington Hospital Center, where most of the wounded were treated, said that it "has to stop!" And she is in the business of treating gun shot wounds and reacting to mass casualties. She made a plea to our politicians to "put us out of business."

The talks about motives and gun control and the NRA will start soon enough. But today, we should all remember the victims and their families. Keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Afterwards.....let's try to find a way to make this stop!

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  1. I thought Dr. Orlowski handled the situation with aplomb and grace, confronting the tragic episode in an honest and direct fashion. And yet, there are people who immediately criticized her for supposedly preaching politics. Sigh...