Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Launches and Damage Control

Last week I had the pleasure of attending two kick offs for local political offices. On last Wednesday (October, 23), I attended the kick off for Guy Guzzone's state senate campaign in the Great Room at Savage Mills. The room was filled for the well-liked Guy, and he noted during his speech that he has amassed over one hundred sponsors already. Without another Democratic opponent, and no Republican filings as of this date in District 13, the road looks rather unobstructed for a Guzzone senatorial victory.

I also attended the campaign kick-off for Courtney Watson in her bid for Howard County executive on
October 24. Like Guy's event, it was very well attended, and I was greeted by most of the same people who I had seen the night before.....which is definitely not a bad thing. HoCo luminaries  such as Ken Ulman, Calvin Ball and Ed Cochran were in attendance, so I felt like I was in good company.It was held at the club house in Maple Lawn.  Courtney's path to the county executive offices in Ellicott City  is not as unobstructed as Guy's transition over to the Senate. Allan Kittleman is the Republican challenger to the county exec seat, and the current state senator is not to be ignored. Allan is virtually everywhere. He is even appearing at venues that are typically dominated by Democrats. I have seen him pressing the flesh at Frank Turner's campaign kickoff, greeting folks at Highland Days, and serving enchiladas at the annual "Men in the Kitchen" event, sponsored by the Howard County Center of African American Culture. I think that it will be a spirited campaign between Courtney and Allan. Courtney is a shrewd politician, and I think her accomplishments, as well as the Ulman legacy will play in her favor. But....November 2014 is still more than a year away.

Now, all that noise  in the background,that I am trying to ignore is the Gansler campaign trying to conduct damage control. The latest is Doug's appearance at a beach party in Delaware, where his son was playing DJ. There may, or may not have been teenage drinking going on. But the great question is, should the AG of the Free State have done something about it, what, if anything, should he have done about it and my question is should he have been there in the first place? I thought this latest incident would just pass over.....then I saw the  distinguished panel  of journalists and politicians on "Meet the Press" discussing Gansler's travails, and I thought  that his campaign for Maryland governor's mansion may be in deep trouble.

In Doug's case, the  Democratic primary is still a few months away, so maybe his damage control campaign will bear fruit. In the meantime, the Brown/Ulman group remains quiet about Gansler's troubles....and continues to rack up powerful endorsements. The latest polls are tipping in favor of the Brown/Ulman team, but a Redskins vs Broncos football's not over until it's over.

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