Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Good Look at the Central Committee

A Good Look at the Central Committee (HoCoPolitics)

Hello folks, yes I’m blogging again. My blogs tend to be political in nature, but I have been silent for quite a while primarily due to a lack of time, because of  a more than busy schedule and because there is just so much going on. By the time I form an opinion regarding one event, something even bigger comes along. Can you say, overwhelmed! So what could possibly jolt me out of my blogging malaise?
Well, what has inspired me to blog again is a group of folks near and dear to my heart. The Howard County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC). I have had the unique privilege of serving on the central committee since 2009. I started as an alternate member, to fill a vacancy. In the 2010 gubernatorial election, I was duly elected by the people of Howard County. Although elected as the number twelve person out of twelve positions…… I got in. (Thank you Howard County!) During my tenure on the committee, I have met all of my required obligations to promote the principles and values of the Democratic Party. I have a more than 90% attendance record at local and state meetings, and I attend (almost) everybody’s political event. I have also learned a lot about the history and the makeup of the party, as well as how to be a good Democrat from one man, Michael McPherson.
So, I was a little concerned when I saw Bill Woodcock’s (The 53) blog when it came across my Facebook newsfeed. Although I do appreciate Bill’s grouping me in as a “great candidate”, I could not disagree more with his description of Michael McPherson as being “sadly out of touch with the times!” Actually Mike is probably more in touch with the times than the average person. He has more computer savvy than most people. Mike puts out the party monthly newsletter as well as maintains the website for the HCDCC. He’s always up to date on current events, and can speak on current policy better than any politician that I know.
Part of the job of the HCDCC is to recruit qualified candidates for office, and I have been present at meetings when these candidates seek Mike’s opinion and sage advice. The 53 mentioned that his Democratic activism goes back to the 1970’s….but it even goes further back than that.  To have that type of resource to tap into for the party is invaluable, in my humble opinion.
I have also heard the argument that the HCDCC should give up the office on Oakland Mills Road. I never knew that was even a problem until recently, but I wholeheartedly disagree with giving up that space. If we lose the office, where would the HCDCC meet to hash out ideas? Where would folks come to pick up yard signs and information about candidates….on a regular basis? Where would we organize volunteers who would like to work the polls, and canvass neighborhoods? Where would we send out information to new Democrats? Besides, there is a treasure trove of HCDCC history in that space. Where would all of that go?
I ‘m not sure why Bill (MM) is calling the central committee “stagnant”, because for an immobile committee, it certainly keeps me busy.  In the time that I have been on the committee, I have had the privilege of serving as deputy treasurer and I now serve as vice chair. I was also chosen as a presidential elector from the State of Maryland for Barack Obama due to the committee’s recommendation.
Besides that, I believe that the committee, through Mike’s leadership, continues to keep Howard County “blue.”  The June 24 primary is coming up quickly, and we will need a strong slate of central committee members. I am not really making recommendations.....by my dream team for the central committee would be:
Bill Adams
Jonathan Branch
Bryan Coster
Ethel B. Hill
Willis Gay
Melody Higgins
Michael McPherson
Patricia Thomas
Nayab Siddiqui
Kim Pruim
Josh Friedman
Candace Dodson Reed
I feel that this would be a great group to keep the HCDCC moving forward. They have all demonstrated leadership and dedication to varying degrees.I will agree with MM on one point though. The choice is yours….. so choose wisely.


  1. Good to see you blogging again, Jonathan! I hope you'll share with your party comrades this link and info - http://hocoblogs.wordpress.com/for-elected-officials/

  2. Nice post Jonathan. Hit me up for a cup of coffee and we can talk.

  3. Oops. I thought I would show up on your feed. Bill Woodcock and Good Ol' MM here.

  4. Well now I'm going to have to post about the Central Committee race!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! Yes Bill, we can get that coffee sometime! Looking forward to your column Tom...and yes Jessie....I'm BACK!