Monday, June 9, 2014


I can only imagine the amount of frustration that the Obama administration must be feeling. The President and his administration is criticized at every turn, and for everything that they try to do. He inherited two wars and he is bringing them to an end...yet that is not good enough. He has provided a path to healthcare for those who could not obtain it….yet that is not good enough. He weathered the Veterans Administration fiasco, which resulted in the resignation of General Eric Shinseki….yet that is not good enough. But...the most frustrating event of all is that he brokered the release of an American prisoner-of -war…..and there are echoes ringing for his impeachment.
Now...let me take a breath and ask….what has he done wrong? Most folks who know me will know that I am an Obama supporter through and through. Yet, I still don’t think that I am blind to the fact that even people that I greatly admire, can make mistakes.  In private conversations with friends I have said that the president and his staff have made blunders during his time in office. But seeking the freedom of SGT Bowe Bergdahl was not one of them.
No doubt, there are questions surrounding his disappearance. His “battle buddies” have essentially “ratted him out” and called him a deserter. And if he is a deserter, he should face the full extent of the law and be punished for it under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). If he collaborated with the enemy, he should also face punishment. But the administration did not make a mistake is seeking his freedom. When the country has an opportunity to free a prisoner of war...there is really no choice.
The trading of prisoners is a common thing during wartime, and I am doubtful that the trade of the five Taliban terrorists, will result in more American being captured, and held for ransom, at least I hope not. As for trading things to get results…..we traded arms for hostages back in the Reagan administration. (Anybody remember Oliver North?)
So despite strong headwinds, Mr. Obama continues to hold his head high, and he continues to be our president. Maybe sooner or later, he’ll do something great.

Early voting starts this week!! 

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  1. I, too, have wondered, Jonathan. When WILL the President do something great of which ALL of America can be proud? Or will his every move, until he vacates the office, be challenged/criticized and never celebrated. Not sure of the circumstances of his desertion, but he was a POW. Any investigation/probe, while warranted, should be conducted with him on this side.
    Should we recall/remember many past trades, we, too, should be frustrated. Thank God you are frustrated. Thank God you are frustrated enough to write about this. Continue to write...and make us think. Bless you!