Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Art of Losing

No one likes to lose. Especially if the loss is unexpected. Frankly, to be truthful, I really did not expect to lose my central committee position on last Tuesday night. I was buoyed by all the endorsements that I had received, and encouraged by the phalanx of people who assured me that, "oh you don't have anything to worry of all people are going to make it!" 
And I campaigned...sort of...for myself and for the slate that I was on. I challenged the Progressive slate, and tried to emphasize the experience and wisdom of the Democratic Victory slate. After all, there were folks on the Progressive slate who had never even least according to rumor. In the end though, it did not matter, the voters of Howard County spoke, and the central committee was forever changed.
As the returns came in, and it looked as if the Brown/Ulman team would handily win the gubernatorial nomination, the concession speeches started coming in. Doug Gansler was visibly upset that his spirited campaign had come to an end. His halting words showed a man who was disappointed but still proud.Heather Mizeur was still smiling during her speech. Maybe she knew that she had shaken up the system, and stirred up the conversation. The first gay candidate for governor gracefully exited the stage. Even Jon Cardin's concession speech prompted a reporter to comment that she had never heard more gracious words from a defeated candidate. The former front runner had been bested by Brian Frosh for attorney general. It was then that I realized...there is and art to this losing thing.
I did not officially find out the central committee results until the next morning. I not only lost my elected position on the committee.....I lost it rather badly. Our slate was decimated. Out of nine candidates, only four made it through. Besides me, among the losers was Michael McPherson, the chairman.  Mike is the backbone of the party, and he was shown his "walking papers." 
Theories abound as to how we lost. We were outspent, outpoliticked, or maybe because of some other more nefarious reasons. But the voters kicked off a ton of experience from the central committee on primary day.
So...hurt feelings aside, good luck to the new central committee. You're going to need it!

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  1. You're a good man, Jonathan. I am sorry you lost, but you had my vote. I hope that however the "art of losing" is defined, it includes taking pride in the people who still believe in you.